5 P.E.I. Visitors with Positive Rapid Test Results Later Confirmed as Negative


The first day of rapid tests for individuals coming into Prince Edward Island at Borden-Carleton resulted in five positive results for the virus, but later, the five people were confirmed to be negative when subjected to PCR tests.

That is according to a data summary from the provincial administration given to CBC News Monday afternoon.

The statement said,

“The testing process is going well.”

“However we are continually working on strategies to improve the process mainly in terms of decreasing the time it takes to test individuals.”

That could mean allocating two testers per lane for cars coming off Confederation Bridge at Borden-Carleton and off the Nova Scotia-P.E.I. ferries in Wood Islands.

Public health officials estimate that testing one driver arriving alone in a vehicle takes about five minutes.

“Training continues this week in preparation for what we expect will be a busy few days around Canada Day and this coming weekend,” the provincial administration’s statement added, with over 20,000 people either coming into P.E.I. or returning to the Island after travels elsewhere.

On Sunday, an estimated 2,000 vehicles came into P.E.I. through the bridge, and an additional 3,000 were anticipated to arrive in Borden-Carleton by Monday’s end.

On the southeastern tip of the Island, two Northumberland Ferries boats were ferrying passenger vehicles for the first time this season, and were nearly full with an estimated 100 vehicles for each of the 12 one-way sailings, the company noted.

The vice president and general manager, Don Cormier, said,

“Our crew and our company are really excited at being able to accommodate and welcome a lot more people to Prince Edward Island.”

“Things are going quite smoothly.”

By 4 p.m. Monday, the provincial Department of Justice and Public Safety had obtained 57,967 PEI Pass applications and approved 32,309 of them.

Individuals seeking to enter P.E.I. without having to quarantine had been able to utilize the passes just after midnight on Saturday.

The passes, acquired by showing proof of residence and at least a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, permit faster screening at Prince Edward arrival points.

The province said that officials

“continue to prioritize applications by the date individuals note on their application.”

Prince Edward Island presently has no active cases of the virus and has reported zero fresh cases since June 3.


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