5 Of The Best Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Australia


Taking a trip is always exciting, but unexpected challenges arise on any holiday. When you take your family along for a holiday, then the chances for chaos become even greater. While you will want to maximize your fun together, it is important to consider things carefully if you want to keep your loved ones safe and entertained at the same time.

The trick is to plan your holidays in family-friendly destinations where the chances of things going wrong are much lower. Such destinations also provide attractions and activities that will be of interest to all ages. Booking your tickets for these places and finding some travel insurance for a domestic trip will ensure that your family will have a lot of fun without much of the stress that can come with a family holiday.

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To get you started, let’s look at five of the best family-friendly holiday destinations in Australia.


Canberra is a bit more relaxed than many of Australia’s bustling urban centres. However, there are still lots of family-friendly activities to enjoy while you are there. With local companies offering hot air balloon rides, you and your family will be able to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside. If you are planning a winter holiday, then your group is also sure to enjoy the close access to several ski hills.

For the more culturally inclined families, there are many museums and galleries to explore. Check out the National Gallery or the Parliament House to spend an afternoon looking at interesting exhibits.


Although the big city might be a bit intense for families with small children, there are many great attractions that will be of interest to all age groups. Exploring Sydney Harbour is sure to provide many opportunities for photos and fun. Taking a ferry ride in the harbour will be a thrill for kids who do not usually get the opportunity to head out on the water.

The Sydney Opera House is sure to impress. Depending on when you plan to visit, there may even be some events that will be of interest to your family.


For Australians, a trip to Tasmania is a must-visit destination. With opportunities for outdoor adventures, plenty of wildlife, and sandy beaches, the island is sure to make for a fun and interesting holiday. Check out Freycinet National Park for an unforgettable wilderness experience.


Brisbane is perfect for a family trip. Your kids will never forget interacting with, the not so wild, wildlife in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or spending some quality time exploring the Brisbane River. Other great ways to spend an afternoon include the Queensland Museum and Science Centre and taking a spin on the Wheel of Brisbane.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has plenty in store for families who are looking for a good time. Most of the country’s major theme parks are located here, so it is a one-stop destination for non-stop fun. While some of the parks are designed primarily for kids, all ages are sure to enjoy Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World, and WhiteWater World. If the big parks are not your thing, then beach activities like snorkelling and lounging are also possibilities.

Family-Friendly Fun

Australia offers many fantastic family-friendly destinations to explore. Any of the items on this list are sure to provide a memorable experience. This set is only a starting point, however! As a local, you likely have many places on your bucket list to check out with your family.