Nowadays, studying business is becoming more and more prestigious. Students come to the faculty of business for various reasons, someone is really interested in this area, and someone goes to this faculty in the hope of earning a lot in the future. One way or another, but entering a business faculty you need to be prepared for a large amount of homework. Fortunately, the essay writing service can help you with this. This article, in turn, will help you determine the best business university in Canada.

Benefits of Getting a Business Education in Canada

There are plenty of specialized schools in the country that offer MBA programs in the following areas: private entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, accounting, strategic management, personnel policy, etc. Each student has the right to choose the program that suits his/her goals (with a specific set of subjects).

Business training in Canada with specifics and teaching methods is similar to American. The theory course consists almost entirely of studying success stories of world businessmen, as well as descriptions of real business cases. The practical course of classes is to create new projects by students and interact with real businessmen.

  1. Centennial College

Centennial College is the oldest state university college in Toronto and Ontario. Over 16,000 students study here, most of them Canadians. Centennial College is called University College, as it has the highest Canadian state accreditation and is authorized to issue its students’ state diplomas, certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Centennial College’s curriculum is designed in such a way that much attention is paid to gaining practical experience through internships at enterprises and companies. The college is known for a very serious theoretical base in the humanities and natural sciences. All this together gives very good results – 89% of Centennial College graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation.

  1. Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University (TRU), a Canadian state university, founded in 1970, today offers a full range of educational programs for 13 thousand students, among which, apart from Canadians, foreign students from more than 80 countries are studying.

Thompson Rivers University offers hundreds of options for study programs and specialties, from which everyone can choose the most suitable for themselves. The main campus of the university is located in the most student city of Canada – Kamloops, British Columbia. The rising sun on the emblem of the university symbolizes not only the path to enlightenment but also at least 2,000 hours of sunlight that the weather of western Canada gives students of Kamloops annually.

  1. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba was founded in 1877 and is the first university in eastern Canada. The University of Manitoba conducts fundamental educational programs and is engaged in active research activities. On its territory, there are many research centers and institutes.

Today, at the University of Manitoba, more than 27,000 students study at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. Foreign students from 90+ countries make up about 10% of all students.

  1. York University

York University is a public higher education institution in Canada, the country’s third-largest university. York University was founded in 1959 and for more than 50 years of its history has gained a stable reputation and trust of Canadian and foreign students; today more than 54 thousand students study in its walls. School of Business named. Shikha and Osgoode Hall Law School are the most prestigious faculties of the university, occupying leading positions in the ratings of the best universities in North America. Among the famous alumni of York University: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbor, famous actors, businessmen, politicians.

York University is located in Toronto, the country’s most international city. International students usually begin their studies with pre-examination preparation programs at the main campus of the university – Keele. It occupies several square kilometers and is located north of downtown Toronto.

  1. Alexander College

Alexander College is a Canadian college offering a diploma and an associate degree, general university courses in the first and second years of the undergraduate program, as well as English language courses for those planning to study at Canadian universities. College programs give foreign students the opportunity in a short time to get a diploma and work in Canada, or go directly to the third year at any higher educational institution in the country and get a bachelor’s degree.

Summing up

Education in Canada is famous primarily for its strong teaching staff, as well as a very real job opportunity after graduation. Almost all Canadian educational institutions provide their students with the opportunity to undergo real practice in large companies, but the interns are not paid a lot. However, it is worth noting that after the successful completion of the training course, the student has a real prospect of getting a well-paid position in one of the Canadian companies. We hope you managed to choose a university from our list. Good Luck!



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