43rd Terry Fox Run: Brother Leads Charge, Legacy Inspires Future Generations


The 43rd annual Terry Fox Run, a key event in the milestone marathon calendar, was initiated in the heart of Assiniboine Park, with hundreds of avid runners stepping forth in carrying the torch of Terry’s legacy. Taking the helm and leading the charge was none other than Fred Fox, Terry’s own brother.

Fred, embarking on his inaugural run in Winnipeg – the birthplace of him and his siblings, recalled vividly the moment when his younger brother had decided to run the breadth of the country in a bid to solicit funds for cancer research. “Terry was known for his firmness of purpose. If he voiced his intent to do something, then it was as good as done”, Fred reminisced. This reminiscence was appended with an amusing anecdote of their mother’s apprehensions regarding Terry’s ambitious initiative. She had hoped to confine Terry’s marathon within the boundaries of B.C., which, Terry countered, was an oversimplification of the problem, stating, “Mother, the scourge of cancer isn’t limited to B.C. alone. Its dark shadow looms over the entire nation. Running through Canada is not just an option but a necessity”.

Terry’s arduous ‘Marathon of Hope’ was set into motion on April 12, 1980. Terry took to the Atlantic coast and ran a staggering 5,373 kilometres until his journey was abruptly halted in Thunder Bay, as he had to succumb to his resurgent cancer. Terry breathed his last on June 28, 1981.

Fred reflected on the phenomenal legacy left behind by his brother, which had exceeded all expectations. He claimed that Terry himself would be awe-struck by the magnitude of his imprint. Terry’s humility was reflected in his words in Toronto where he proclaimed that the marathon must surge ahead, with or without him. It was a clarion call which Canada proudly heeded.

Scott Gillingham, the Mayor of Winnipeg, vocalized the profound affection harbored by the city for Terry Fox. He noted the influx of young faces in this year’s run, a testament to Terry’s enduring spirit resonating across different generations.

Sachin Katyal, Senior Scientist at Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute with CancerCare Manitoba, validated Terry’s profound impact on cancer research, which had pioneered transformational changes through the years. In his words, “It is indeed astounding to fathom the strides we’ve made in cancer research. Moreover, it is the direct implication of these findings on patients’ lives, not just today, but for future generations, which underscores the importance of this endeavor.”

The Terry Fox Foundation, carrying Terry’s beacon of hope, has, thus far, raised a remarkable sum exceeding $850 million towards cancer research.

This year’s Terry Fox Run is based on the theme ‘Dear Terry’, a salute to the letters that Terry received during his first Marathon of Hope. In true spirit of the cause, the Terry Fox Foundation has opened its channels for everyone to express their inspiration derived from Terry’s journey by penning their own ‘Dear Terry’ letters.


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