40 Caribou Illegally Harvested In N.W.T., States Territorial Government


According to the territorial government, forty Caribou were illegally harvested during a blizzard in the Northwest Territories.

In a Saturday Facebook post, the Environment and Natural Resources did not reveal when or where precisely the animals were killed. Nevertheless, the post indicated that it was regrettable news to close out the winter road season.

The post read,

“This is unacceptable — and against the traditional values Elders have taught for generations.”

The illegal harvesting of caribou is especially rampant this winter season.

Previously in March, Shane Thompson, Environmental Minister, stated that the department was looking into the illegal harvesting of over 50 caribou. This was contrasted to the less than 10 Caribou illegally harvested the previous winter around the same time.

A post by Environment and Natural Resources on Saturday read,

“We’re working with Indigenous leaders to chart a new path forward for encouraging respectful harvesting.”

“Everyone needs to take action today to ensure there are caribou for the next generations.”


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