4 Toys For Cats Regardless Of Breed


Most pet owners (especially those who have never owned one) automatically assume that cats are solitary creatures who prefer to be left alone rather than interact with their owners or other animals. Actually, this can’t be farther from the truth – cats love receiving praise and attention, but only when they feel like it and on their own terms.

While cats get bored much harder than dogs because they have an innate ability to transform every possible object into a toy – have you seen cats playing with pieces of paper? – this does not mean you should leave your furry friend to his own devices and not engage with it. For the following article, we have gathered a small list of multi-purpose, universal toys that we believe every cat will enjoy. Here are four toys for cats regardless of breed.

PetSTAGES Dental Kitty Chew Wheel Cat Toy

If you think you can get away with giving your cat a scratcher and calling it a day, you are in for a big surprise. Cats, like most animals, need to constantly chew – especially during the early stages of their lives. If you want to keep your wires, cables, and objects safe from your feline’s sharp teeth, it might be a good idea to get this dental toy from PetStages, a great chewing toy for cats that will keep your furry friend busy for at least a couple of hours. While adult cats might find some enjoyment from this dental toy, it is best reserved to kittens who are teething.

Easyology Pets Amazing Cat Roller Toy

Have you ever tried to work on a project or do some random household chore, only to be constantly interrupted by your cat’s incessant meowing? We can safely assume that all cats’ owners will relate to this. Enter the Easyology Pets Amazing Cat Roller Toy, an interactive toy that will keep your furry friend distracted for hours. For the measly sum of $14, you can get a toy that will keep your cat hooked and obedient while you are going on about your business.

The reason why cats find this toy so fascinating are the colorful balls. Your cat will constantly bat around the balls, captivated by their motions and curious where they will go. The toy itself is a tower with three levels, which is great because this smart design means that it can be enjoyed by multiple cats at the same time. As for the balls, they can be easily removed from the tower and repurposed for a makeshift game of fetch. All in all, it is a sturdy, fairly priced lightweight toy which will distract your cat for many hours.

YOUTHINK Collapsible Cardboard Scratcher Toy

If you want to keep your couch nice and intact, you will definitely need a scratcher. Cats love to sharpen and maintain their claws, and they will not hesitate to perform this self-care routine on your furniture. For this purpose, a good idea might be to buy this scratcher from YOUTHINK. In addition to serving the role of a typical cat scratcher, its ringed design means that your feline friend can also use it to take a quick nap after clawing at it.

On top of all that, owners can customize the shape of this scratcher to their liking – or rather, the cats. Despite this, the materials are surprisingly sturdy and resistant, with minimal debris involved. If you are frustrated about your cat clawing everything he encounters, this toy will surely help you overcome this conundrum.

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

We all know that cats have a natural desire and urge to hunt. As soon as you mention cats, everybody will draw a mental picture of one staying idly by the window, curiously studying birds that are oblivious of the fact that, were not for the window separating them, they would meet an untimely death. The Pioneer Pet SmartCat is designed to satisfy the cat’s hunting instincts, with no bird casualties involved.

The toy is simple and straightforward to use. All you have to do is hide a few tasty treats in the toy’s paw-sized holes and let your cat go berserk digging and scratching to get them. The toy is totally safe, with no splinters involved. However, this toy is not recommended for kittens, because they could get their heads stuck in the holes.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not necessarily grumpy, distant and opportunistic. Cats can grow attached to their owners and other animals just as easily as dogs do, only in a different kind of way and on another level. They need just as much love and attention as other pets, and these four toys, thanks to their smart designs and high quality are perfect for this purpose. Make sure to read through our recommendations and you will surely find a toy that your cat will love.


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