4.2 Million Dollar “Surplus”


The one thing that became very clear to me on council was that people did not have access to proper information.  It seems rumour, media and a lack of time have a terrible impact on how we receive our information.  A prime example is the grant received in 2013 for water system infrastructure.  This money has been reported in the Chronicle as “loose” money or extra money when in fact this money was grant money to be applied to water systems only.  Another point that is misunderstood is that it was granted to match the money we were already spending on water systems in 2013.  Through false communication it is understood by some that council will have extra funds this year due to this grant.  Not so.  We just had the chance to repair more of our 100 kilometre water system than we usually do.  The provincial governement needs to step up and help out communities such as ours, as they did last year.  We cannot repair miles of water system at our usual pace of 1% per year.  We simply won’t sustain it.  Those of you with Brown Water issues and pressure issues can attest to that.

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