3rd Annual Howloween Pooch Party a Hit in Kitchener Downtown


A festive gathering was held this Sunday as canine enthusiasts from all over flocked to the 3rd annual Howloween Pooch Party in downtown Kitchener. Mirroring a scene straight from a carnival, dogs of every breed and stature proudly sported their Halloween costumes and strutted in an array of unique ensembles.

Brooke Clark, one of the many proud dog owners attending the gathering, proudly introduced herself as an agent from ‘Men in Black.’ She was, of course, accompanied by her loyal canine partner, Kane. Both were adorned in symmetrical costumes that aptly represented their tight-knit bond.

“I stumbled upon this event through TikTok,” Clark confessed, an occurrence not uncommon in the digital age. She added, “Natural duo costumes seemed fitting, Kane is my best buddy after all.”

The festive bash hosted an impressive spread of over 30 local vendors, each with a distinct surprise for the jovial crowd. One of the key highlights of the event was a costume contest that ignited a friendly rivalry among particpants. A host of festive pictures were later adorning Dog Friendly KW’s Instagram page, providing a memorable treasure trove of this year’s Howloween Pooch Party.

Kersty Kearney, a representative of the host organization, Dog Friendly KW, detailed the larger picture for the event. “Our ambition is to craft Kitchener-Waterloo into the most welcoming city for dogs,” she revealed.

Elsa Luft, another dog owner who came all the way from London to partake in the festivities, was moved by the enthusiastic dog-loving community prevalent in Kitchener. “I wish we had this sort of dog community back home,” Luft said, adding a sense of unity and camaraderie to this already heartwarming event.


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