3 Reasons Why File Compression is the Right Solution for File Sharing


If you have ever downloaded a software program or a series of novels, you might have seen that it downloaded in ZIP form. This is a compressed version of the large file due to which its size gets reduced. File compression is not a new phenomenon, and computer scientists have been busy finding out ways to reduce the size of the file since the 1970s. But this effort gained momentum after the advent of the internet as the need for online file sharing increased. That’s why now you can find online file compressor software to make the file sharing process as seamless as you can. Sodapdf compressor is one such software that is gaining popularity due to its easy compression process that is not only secure but also prevents any data loss.

If you are not sure why you need a file compressor, here are given reasons that show why it is the right option for you:

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Fast Transmission:

You might have gone through the trouble when you tried to attach a file to the email but it was too large to upload. Or it was taking time to upload when you urgently wanted to send the file. At that time, you might have wished to have a magic trick to reduce the file’s size. Well, the file compression process is the trick that you have been looking for. The file transmission time depends on the overall size of the file you want to transmit. Compressing a file is the right solution to cut the time to one-tenth to invest it in something more productive.

Save Storage Space:

A compressed file is not only helpful in saving file transmission time but also reduces the data storage space. A file loaded with more numbers of bits and bytes will take more space on the web server or a hard drive. Sometimes, hard drive or disk space becomes such a big issue that you have to go through the trouble of deleting some files to manage space for downloading another big size file. Significantly, office workers and students usually have to face the issue of space because they have so many important files that they don’t know which data they should delete to store another one. That’s why you need a file compressor software to save you from this kind of annoying situation.

Secure Sharing:

Though online file sharing methods have made communication and sharing files so easy, it has also raised concerns regarding the security of the data. With the rising news about data breaches and cyber hacking, there isn’t any wonder that you might have questioned yourself, “Is it okay to send personal or confidential file online?”.  File compression software also offers services to secure your file by encrypting it so that you can share it without any fear of data leakage, or hacking. Once you encrypt a compressed file, you can only decrypt it with a password and only those people can get excess to that file who knows its password.