3 Reasons Long Term Parking at JFK is Best For Your Car


The idea of using airport parking lot is for you to enjoy your trip and have peace of mind. If you don’t achieve the two, something is wrong. The hallmark of intelligent travel is to cut costs as much as you can. Planning for a long term parking as you travel for a business trip or vacation is an intelligent move.

You could choose to use a train, taxi, or bus to the airport, but self-drive saves you time and money. Practically the money you could have used on public means or taxi is way higher than gas spent on your car or 5-day parking at JFK. You can save money when you choose long term JFK airport parking with Parkos. Parkos is designed to help you compare prices and parking facilities depending on your preference. Here is the reason you should choose long term at JFK parking.

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Gives you Peace of Mind

Can you travel in peace knowing the place you left your car is questionable? Parking in the city or leaving your car at home while on a prolonged away trip may expose your car to theft or weather damage. However, reserving for JFK parking lots can relieve stress, as doing it through Parkos gives you confidence about its safety. Travelling for pleasure or work is important when your mind is at peace to utilize that chance to enjoy. Long term parking is a choice of many travellers with a plan to extend their stay away.


If you compare a car owner who travels often throughout the year using short term parking, it is 3 more expensive than a long term traveller who parks at JFK airport for a whole year. Choosing this option saves you lots of money and makes travelling through JFK airport more seamless. Those travellers who take a long term to park at JFK international airport are intelligent. It is cheaper when you reserve for space through Parkos. The secret is to reserve for a parking spot 4, 3, or 2 weeks earlier and you are given a discount. A valet parking for instance taken for the long term not only is it cheap but is convenient during departure and return. The time you spend with other types of parking getting to the parking lot is covered for you by the service provider’s driver while you proceed to check-in on time.

Convenient & Secure

Travelling for a long trip, long term can seem the best option. You drive to the reserved parking lot and find a shuttle (shuttle parking) ready to take you to your terminal for check-in. And in fact, it is cheaper than valet type of parking only that both are a good choice for the long term. However, the matter about which parking is preferable over the other depends on car owner pocket and convenience. On the other hand, all JFK airport lots are secure, though precedence is given more to long term vehicles since they stay for long as owners go on vacation/ business trip. The parking lots are under the watch of guards day and night, 24/7 running CCTV cameras, lighting, and tight secure fence.


Long term parking has benefits that exceed short term option by far. The parking rates are reasonable and attractive providing travellers taking long during their trip a sense of pride and joy while away. Parkos is a system that has helped transform the travelling industry for car owners going for a long trip. Whether going for a family vacation or business trip for some time, the Long term is the only way to help you save money in the process.