3 Home Security Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Turning your dream of owning a home into a reality will not be easy. Most people wait a long time to buy a home because they want to get on good financial footing before taking on this big responsibility. Once you have purchased a home and moved in, your main concern needs to be securing your new residence. Failing to focus on home security can leave the possessions in your residence vulnerable.

If you are unsure about how to secure your new residence, then consulting with a reputable locksmith is a wise move. With their help, you can avoid some of the home security mistakes mentioned in this article.

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1. Avoid Putting Bushes Too Close To Your Home

Homeowners in the United States spend billions of dollars each year on home security systems and equipment. Having a state-of-the-art security system is a good thing, but there are some basic things you can do to secure your residence.

Many homeowners invest money in landscaping because they realize how much curb appeal it offers. When ironing out the details of a new home landscaping design, you need to be mindful of where your shrubs and bushes are planted.

Planting large bushes too close to your home can provide burglars with the cover they need to enter your home through a window or door. The best way to avoid making the job of a burglar easy, you need to avoid making this mistake. If at all possible, you should avoid bushes and shrubs around your home altogether. Putting landscaping lights around the perimeter of your home is a wise move if you want to make it hard for burglars to gain entrance.

2. Allowing Mail to Pile up While You’re Away

Taking a trip is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while. Before you head off on a trip, you need to make sure your home is totally secure. You need to make sure that your home doesn’t look vacant while you are away. Allowing mail to pile up in your mailbox is a horrible idea that can result in your home getting burglarized.

Asking a trusted friend or family member to pick-up your mail during your absence is a good idea. By doing this, you can keep your mailbox empty and burglars guessing about whether or not people are actually home. Putting your outdoor lights on a time is also a great way to make your home look occupied even when it is not.

3. Leaving Old and Faulty Door Locks in Place

Moving into a new home can be a very difficult process. Once you have all of your possessions in place, you need to assess the overall level of security the residence has. One of the first things you need to do when moving into a new home is to replace the existing door locks. There is no way of knowing just how many people have a key to the locks currently on your home.

This is why you need to replace the locks with a modern option. The money invested in this home improvement project will be worth it due to the increased level of security they will provide.

It’s Time to Secure Your Home

If you are currently making any of the home security mistakes mentioned in this article, it is time to make a change. With some professional help and new home security equipment, you can keep the items in your home safe.