3% for Christmas


By David Manafo

Christmas seems heightens people’s awareness of the needs around them. There’s something about this season that sensitizes us to others. Maybe it’s the original Christmas story that included an inn keeper who made room in his stable for Joseph and Mary or the Wise Men who travelled with generous gifts for this baby born to parents on the run like refugees.

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There’s no question that there’s someone with a need you can help right now. Just look around.

West Island Community Shares tells us that 1 out of 5 West Islanders use a community group. This means not everyone has the material or relational support they need.

People often say, “I want Christmas to matter.” What they mean is that they hope to do something for someone in a significant way.

I believe everyone wants to make a difference but few people make tangible decisions on how.

Let me make this easy for you. Consider giving 3% of your December away! Your time and money.

It’s not that much. It’s one day out of your month. One day out of 30, you get to keep the other 29!

Maybe a neighbour or co-worker doesn’t have the same extended family you do. Invite them over for an evening. There’s likely an organization looking for volunteers over the holidays. Give them a morning of your time. 3%.

To make an extended impact, give some of your income away this month. 3% of an average salary (50K per year) would equal a 120$ donation to a local *charity.

I’m sure you want to make difference, so here’s your chance. I suggest you start with 3%.

1 day out of 30 to make a relational difference.

3% of your groceries to make a physical difference.

3% of your income to make a financial difference.

Serve. Feed. Give. Who knew 3% could mean so much?

Merry Christmas!

David Manafo is a local DDO resident who loves seeing his neighborhood and city flourish. Happily married with two kids. He’s the pastor of the Westside Gathering (a local church in DDO) (link: www.westsidegathering.com).

*West Island Community Shares has a list of local charities you can support; global charities like World Vision or MCC are also great options