29-Year-Old Dartmouth Woman Fined $2,422 for High-Speed Stunting Charges


A female individual has found herself on the wrong side of the law, with charges of stunting attributed to her following an alleged high-speed driving incident. The incident occurred when she was purportedly observed by members of the Halifax Regional Police traversing over 60 km/h beyond the indicated speed limit.

The traffic infraction occurred on Highway 111 near Victoria Road in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The event unfolded around 2:15 in the afternoon on a seemingly normal Monday.

Law enforcement authorities on site reported that the suspected vehicle was allegedly travelling at a pace of 116 km/h in an area designated as a 50 km/h zone. This substantial overstepping of the velocity limits brought the incident to the attention of the officers present.

In the case of this particular 29-year-old driver, the excessive speed resulted in being ticketed for stunting. Under the prevailing traffic laws, a stunting charge is applied automatically when a vehicle is caught moving over 50 km/h faster than the posted speed limit.

In addition to the serious charge, the considerable financial burden of $2,422.50 was imposed as a fine. Furthermore, six penalty points were allocated onto the driver’s record, significantly impacting her driving reputation.

As part of the punishment, and as a preventive measure, the woman was barred from operating any vehicle for a duration of seven days. This suspension serves as a reminder of the danger and the heavy punishments associated with such reckless disregard for speed limits.


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