$250K Diamond Heist at Las Vegas Resort Ends in Arrest of Quartet


A quartet of suspected thieves are currently facing legal repercussions after successfully smuggling an estimated quarter of a million dollars’ worth of diamond rings from the opulent establishment of The Palazzo, part of The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. The heist is said to have transpired in late May.

These precious and exorbitantly priced rings were thought to be stashed inside a bag during a crowded conference at this popular Vegas Strip hotspot. The bag, and consequently the diamond rings, belonged to an unidentified jeweler who was enjoying a relaxing interlude at the bar of the gaming establishment on the evening of May 31st.

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Engaging in an intriguing cat-and-mouse game, the four suspects strategically positioned themselves next to their prodigious prey, engaging casually, all the while plotting the intricate scheme. Las Vegas local news outlets reported that the heist was cleverly executed; one suspect skillfully maneuvered the loot-filled bag with his foot while a second adeptly took control of it. Meanwhile, a third alleged accomplice masked their activities from prying eyes.

On June 1st, vigilant officers, who had been specifically dispatched to keep an eye out for the rogues, managed to detect and subsequently apprehend them at the property. One of the individuals, even had the audacity to sport the stolen jeweler’s cord around his neck.

The apprehended suspects were identified as Juan and David Parrado Mendez, Melany Millian Lopez, and Leidy Grisales Suarez. Upon arrest, each one was presented with charges of grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny, as per court documents. Interestingly, each individual was subsequently released on their own recognizance by the presiding judge, with their respective cases destined for prosecution on a local level.

It was revealed post incident that the jeweler, indeed, was compelled to carry the precious bag into the bar, as insurance stipulations required him to keep the pricey jewelry in possession at all times.

In a separate incident, law enforcement officers nabbed three individuals who were involved in a scheme of altering seats at an Indiana casino to illicitly claim a jackpot in the month of April.

The suspects, who were at Bally’s Evansville Casino & Hotel, participated in what has been described as a clever ‘jackpot switch’, were identified as Shinvar Abdullatif, Ali Mohamad, and Delavan Mohammed, all of Nashville, Tennessee.

Alarmingly, throughout that day, Abdullatif and his accomplices were caught coordinating a total of eight jackpot scams. Despite a legal prohibition for entering the casino due to his self-imposed exile, Abdullatif managed to maneuver his way in. After facing gambling charges, the odd trio was processed and subsequently released from the Vanderburgh County Jail in Evansville, Indiana. This case is currently under investigation by the Indiana Gaming Commission.