25 Hold Roadside Vigil For 12-Year-Old Stubbed In Troubling Circumstances


Last Sunday, 25 people showed up for a roadside vigil in honor of a boy, aged 12, who dies is an excruciating stubbing in Winnipeg. The people brought with them flowers and teddy bears and lines them against a tree along Burrows Avenue, a few meters from the place the stubbing occurred Friday. A piece of notes was also placed to encourage people to honor the boy’s life.

The memorial saw those who showed up pay their tribute by playing traditional drums and songs. They would not speak to local media.

Police issued no update last Sunday on the case, which they pointed out, has very troubling details. They have not made arrests or charged anyone in connection with the case.

The official story is that two entities found themselves in an altercation, the boy was caught in the middle of it, and was stubbed as a result. A nurse on off-duty helped the police who arrived on the scene to care for the 12-year-old until they got him to the hospital. The boy passed away soon after they got him to the emergency room.

It is unclear whether the warring entities knew one another. The child death is the 18th homicide this year and the 11th in a month.


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