The West Island Women’s Shelter is providing a 24 hour, 7 days a week, crisis hotline, connecting you to a supportive counselor.

At any time, day or night, you can call the number 514-620-4845, ext. 221, and a counselor will answer. You will be warmly welcomed without any judgment.  With the counselor, you can talk about your relationship, validate your perceptions, express your feelings and your fears.

If you wish, you can verify with her, for example, if it’s a couple’s quarrel or conjugal violence,  you can better understand the cycle of conjugal violence or understand the difference between anger, aggressivity and violence.

This crisis line is available to give immediate support to victims of conjugal violence, to friends, to relatives of the victims and to professionals working  with victims.

With the current situation we are facing, it can mean an awfully hard time for those suffering from abuse.

The following is a message from a West Island Blog reader, showing their support for the West Island Women’s Shelter:

” I ask people to pray for women and children in abusive families, especially at this time. I am a very loving supporter of the West Island Women’s Shelter, and my heart and prayers go out daily for those suffering and even more isolated than ever.”


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