21 Savage All Set to Stage Debut London Show After Securing US Residency


Internationally celebrated rapper, 21 Savage, has finally secured his legal status to travel beyond the borders of the United States. The artist intends to make his debut international performance in his birthplace – London.

His attorney, Charles Kuck, made this welcomed revelation on a recent Friday statement, confirming that the rapper is now officially a resident of the U.S., thereby entitling him to embark on international journeys. This piece of good news emerges from the shadows of a predicament that saw the artist taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Georgia back in 2019.

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Kuck shed more light on the recent development, underscoring that the Grammy-nominated rapper has successfully complied with all necessary immigration laws since his unexpected encounter with ICE. “His immigration court proceedings have now been halted. He is today a lawful permanent inhabitant of the United States with the liberty to traverse the globe,” remarked Kuck.

30-year old Savage, born as She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, had to spend considerable time in a detention facility in southern Georgia before he was finally released. His apprehension was instigated by an operation aimed at his visa condition, which had sadly expired 13 years prior in 2006.

During an interview in 2019, the Atlanta-based rapper confessed his naivety regarding visas when his mother relocated him to the U.S. at the tender age of just seven. Savage went on to express the belief that immigrants like him, who arrived in America unlawfully as minors, should be granted automatic U.S. citizenship.

Further, he addressed the intimidating visa application process, stating that it oftentimes deters many undocumented immigrants as it serves as a looming cloud of uncertainty.

Savage publicised his impending return to London via social media recently, although specific details remain unknown at this time.