21 Child-Care Centres on P.E.I. Expanding To Meet Demand


Prince Edward Island wants to establish 241 new child-care spaces by Sept. 1. The province is taking steps in eliminating the fee connected with pre-kindergarten. 

The Department of Education states 21 child-care centers are enlarging to meet demand. overall, up to 375 child-care spaces will be established.

The executive director of the Early Childhood Development Association of P.E.I., Jennifer Nangreaves, states the program is a good step to give all children the chance to learn. 

She said,

“Child care shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be something every child is able to access in their community or close to it.”

“Our hope is that we have reached all children, that all children can experience this high-quality early learning.”

The Department of Education claims centers are getting funding for a 15-hour-a-week program. Centers have the choice to do 7.5 hours, twice a week or three hours a day, five days a week.

An estimated 75 percent of the Island four-year-olds go to pre-kindergarten. The province states the goal is to achieve 100 percent in the next two years.


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