1inch DAO Partners with STORM for Legal Prowess in DeFi Compliance


In a groundbreaking development, the members of the 1inch DAO, an integral part of the 1inch Network’s ecosystem, have cast their votes to align with STORM Partners in a bid to obtain specialized legal advisory services. This strategic action seems to forge a tale in the annals of decentralized autonomous organizations as they find themselves under the watchful gaze of regulatory authorities throughout the globe, particularly within the scope of the crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) sectors.

The decision, which culminated on January 9th with a cascade of support from the 1inch community, embraced the proposition to engage STORM Partners. This milestone embarks upon a journey for 1inch DAO to deftly maneuver through the intricacies of the legal domain, delivering a safeguard for its members against the potential pitfalls and legal ensnarements in the industry.

This alliance positions 1inch DAO as a pioneer amongst its peers in the crypto realm, securing access to adept counsel on compliance, governance, and legal defense strategies. The counsel from STORM Partners will elevate the DAO’s ability to operate soundly within the legal frameworks of the United States and other jurisdictions.

The significance of this motion is accentuated by the fact that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been exhibiting an undeniable focus on the crypto industry, casting a discerning eye on the DeFi space. Their scrutiny has not been without consequence, evidenced by instances where individuals associated with a DAO have faced litigious action for allegations of illegitimate activities, including the distribution of unregistered securities.

History speaks volumes, with lawsuits previously leaving DAOs in the throes of devastation. Examples can be drawn from the scenario where BarnBridge DAO, along with its founders Tyler Ward and Troy Murray, was compelled to halt the sale branded as “unregistered securities” by the SEC, following this with a $1.7 million settlement for damages.

The choice to solicit legal expertise by the 1inch DAO represents a proactive stratagem to navigate these choppy regulatory waters, endeavoring to shield its community members from the harsh consequences that may be brought about by the law. The DAO delineated its decision as one that delicately maintains the equilibrium between upholding decentralization and tackling operational hurdles.

STORM Partners’ forthcoming collaboration promises to encapsulate an array of legal services including cross-jurisdictional compliance, contractual negotiations, governance framework, and asset protection. Additionally, they will address the aspects of intellectual property and the enforcement of rights, while ardently defending against external claims. Their mandate, reinforced by a community-endorsed Power of Attorney, aims to secure both the DAO’s enduring stability and its operational efficacy.

With the eyes of the industry upon them, the endeavor by the 1inch DAO could very well set the stage for other DAOs to elect legal representatives, ensuring both the sustenance of their decentralized ethos and adherence to the ever-expanding tapestry of regulatory compliance.


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