19-Year-Old Apprehended for Casino Shootout, Attempted Murder Charges Mounted


On Tuesday, Imani Holly, a 19-year-old citizen, was arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee under severe charges linked to a shooting incident that took place at Mississippi’s Gold Strike Casino Resort on January 22nd. The accusations detailed four counts of attempted murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, after Holly allegedly fired multiple bullets in the casino’s car park, shattering the peaceful night for a group of visitors.

In the sequence of violent events, four individuals suffered bullet wounds as they navigated towards the welcoming lights of the casino. The injured were rushed to Mississippi’s Regional One Hospital for immediate medical aid. The victims’ injuries remained non-lethal, although mandatory treatment was deemed necessary by the hospital.

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Following the unprovoked attack, Holly and potentially other implicated parties made an escape in a white Infiniti adorned with a Mississippi license plate.

The Gold Strike Casino Resort, a popular gaming locale for many, rests near the tranquil flow of the Mississippi River, about 30 miles shy of Memphis, Tennessee. However, what unfolded that night struck a grave blow to the otherwise relaxing ambience.

Holly’s criminal history was unearthed not only for this incident. In the past year, he was apprehended for conducting multiple robberies at businesses in Tate County, Mississippi. In July 2022, he faced similar charges in Memphis. After posting bail, Holly reportedly evaded subsequent court appearances for these criminal accusations.

Separately, another incident unfolded at the Hollywood Casino in Greektown, Detroit, where law enforcement officers faced unexpected altercations. Two women, one in her turbulent rage on the casino floor, set off a chain of confrontations. The angered woman reportedly spit at a Metro South trooper during the unexpected altercation, while another woman assaulted a trooper involved in the arrest. Neither of the 21 and 22-year-old suspects suffered injuries.

Meanwhile, Rapid City police officers in South Dakota are relentlessly hunting a perpetrator who pulled off a casino heist while donning a bunny mask. The name of the victimized casino, located on Jackson Boulevard, has been withheld. The authorities have not yet clarified whether a weapon was used. Neither the stolen amount nor any potential injuries have been disclosed. This unique incident surfaced in early September.