In today’s briefing, Premier Legault confirmed that there are now 1013 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Québec. Among these, 67 individuals are hospitalized (31 in intensive care), while the number of deaths is stable at 4.

2500 people are waiting for test results, while 12,000 have received a negative diagnosis.

Last night, Legault and other provincial premiers spoke with Prime Minister Trudeau. The following points were discussed:

  1. First priority is medical equipment and its availability
  2. EI cheques, including employment insurance for self-employed individuals (eligible at this time) will be available on April 6th
  3. As the COVID-19 situation is different from one province to the other, Premier Legault states that it’s premature to enforce the Emergencies Act at this time.  This act authorizes the taking of special temporary measures to ensure safety and security during national emergencies and to consequently amend other acts

Premier Legault also reminded the population that this is not the time to have dinner parties with friends and family.

For anyone wishing to volunteer their time and efforts in this time of crisis, a new website on which organizations will be able to post their needs and where volunteers can register will be made available in the next few days.

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