106 year woman lives through her second pandemic

Anna Stocker writes about her great mother’s experience with the Spanish flu

West Islanders, Sylvie and Marie-Lise Daigle are the grandaughters of Bertha Roy, who is 106 years old, living her second pandemic. Her first experience was with the Spanish flu in 1918.

Marie Lise Daigle
Bertha Roy and Marie-Lise Daigle (grandchild of Bertha)

Twelve-year-old Anna Stocker, Bertha’s great-grandaughter, wrote an article for Times and Transcript about Bertha’s experience. Bertha had just turned five years old when the worst of the virus hit her community in Balmoral, New Brunswick. She has a few memories of her own, while others were given to her by her mother’s storytelling.

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Here is the article :