$10,000 Reward for Information on Accidental Release of Murder Suspect Kevin Mason


The U.S. Marshals Service has announced a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the capture of a murder suspect, Kevin Mason, mistakenly released from an Indianapolis detention center amidst confusion surrounding his legal records. At the age of 28, Mason found himself prematurely freed after a documentation error in Marion County’s adult detention center on September 13th, two days post his arrest.

The precise location of Mason remains unknown. Despite being held for suspicions related to a 2021 Minneapolis shooting and multiple warrants in Minnesota, his premature release from the detention center due to a clerical misstep makes his current whereabouts a matter of significant consequence. And in response, a rigorous manhunt is in progress, seeking Mason’s immediate recapture.

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After an error by a Sheriff’s office clerk in Marion County who unintentionally rectified duplicate bookings by removing key holds from Mason’s file, a further mistake the following day by a Minnesota clerk led to the final hold being lifted without the previous day’s error being detected and rectified.

Following the escape, two clerks involved in the unfortunate release have since been dismissed, with an internal investigation underway. Col. James Martin, a representative of the sheriff’s office regrets this deeply, expressing the position that Mason should not have found freedom. A continuous manhunt has been in progress since the horrifying realization of the error.

In recent developments, the hunt for Mason saw an interesting turn of events when his girlfriend was apprehended on Wednesday afternoon. Suspicion of her complicity in Mason’s evasion, after she fetched him upon his release, led to her arrest. Despite attempts from law enforcement to garner her cooperation, she has remained unresponsive.

The rigorous pursuit of Mason echoes a similar recent manhunt in Pennsylvania, where a convict named Danilo Cavalcante managed to make an audacious escape from a county jail by scaling the building to the roof. After evading a large assembly of officers for nearly half a month, Cavalcante was finally apprehended in a forest.

As the events continue to unfold, officials have alerted the public to Mason’s possible presence in their immediate environment, confirming his strong ties to Indianapolis. Concerns have been voiced about potential help he might be receiving in his evasion scheme, given his year-long eluding of law enforcement custody. The public has been encouraged to provide any useful information regarding Mason’s whereabouts, with his distinguishing features being listed and caution urged in case of any encounters with him.

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