10-Year-Old Leads Police on 200-Mile Chase in Stolen Car


A routine traffic stop in Alachua, North Florida, took an unnerving turn recently when a 200-mile chase culminated in police encountering a 10-year-old boy behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

The incident unfolded when patrol cars intercepted a white sedan on Interstate 75 in the early hours of Thursday. The officers in pursuit were responding to reports of a stolen vehicle from North Port, South West Florida, which precipitated a high-risk, carefully orchestrated manoeuvre to end a major car chase.

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Much to their astonishment, upon bringing the vehicle to a stop, the deputies discovered a young boy, just 10-years old, scrambling out from the driver’s seat. Adding to the surprise, an 11-year-old girl, later confirmed to be the driver’s sister, was also found in the vehicle. The plot thickened as it emerged the children had been reported missing from North Port and, more surprisingly, the stolen vehicle was registered under the name of their mother.

In a perplexing twist, it transpired that the two youngsters had absconded with their mother’s car, driven over 200 miles, and embarked on a nocturnal interstate escapade allegedly in protest of their electronic devices being confiscated, presumably, over misuse.

Authorities further ascertained that no abuse had taken place at their home. The children’s mother, having driven three hours to collect her children, declined to press charges against them. Taking into consideration their mother’s wishes, the decision was made not to incarcerate the minors. Deputies explained that only minor traffic violation charges could be filed against the juveniles, which did not warrant admission into the department of juvenile justice.

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