10-Year-Old Girl Tragically Killed in Thornhill Vehicle Collision


In a tragic occurrence, a 10-year-old girl lost her life when she was hit by a vehicle in Thornhill on Wednesday afternoon. The horrifying incident took place on Mullen Drive, in the vicinity of Steeles Avenue West and Bathurst Street, just past 5:30 p.m.

Local law enforcement from the York Regional Police attended the scene, moving the young victim immediately to the closest hospital. Despite their best efforts, the girl was thereafter declared deceased.

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In the aftermath of the incident, the driver of the involved vehicle stayed at the scene, compliant with the authorities. When inquired about the potential involvement of a delivery van within the collision, the police remained vague, stating only that it was a “commercial vehicle” that played a part in the fatal accident.

Staff Sgt. Stephen Yan, speaking to reporters that evening, admitted, “The full details of the vehicle involved and the driver are not yet available to us.” He further confirmed that there’s no current evidence suggesting any illegal or suspect behavior. “Our major collision investigation unit is still conducting a thorough inquiry into this unfortunate incident. The resultant findings will determine any subsequent investigatory actions.”

Echoing the collective sadness of the province, Premier Doug Ford expressed his heartfelt condolence to the grieving kin of the young girl on social media. He shared, “As a parent, there are no words to express the grief and condolences I feel for the family and friends of the 10-year-old girl tragically lost in Vaughan tonight. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.”