10 Tips to Find the Perfect Area for a Rental Property


Want to know how you can find the perfect area for a rental property? Check out our tips below.

Safety, a well-placed location, and friendly neighbors are the most crucial things to consider when looking for a rental property with a perfect neighborhood. But the fee for those rental properties may vary in every location you are searching.

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You also have to ensure you are getting the best comfort and peace in the selected rental property, most importantly, a peaceful neighborhood. You do not want a neighborhood where people quarrel day and night. The real challenge begins from the point where you have to decide which location to choose. Every location has its pros and cons; it is up to you to choose the most suitable one. There are indeed some tips which you can use in order to find a good area for your future rental property, and they are-

  1. 1.Neighbors

The neighbors have a huge impact on your stay in an area. If the neighbors are very disturbing, do not appreciate you, or just quarrel with their family members all day long, you might have to look for another area. If your rental property is near a university or college, then there are high chances that your property pool will get occupied by students.

Soon, you will be struggling to keep them out from your property. And it is very hard to find a well-sized rental property during summer. So be aware of those properties and always go for areas where the neighbors and surroundings are peaceful.

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  1. 2.Taxes For The Property

It is most common for people looking for rentals to gain knowledge of that particular area’s tax policies. Taxes are varied in every state/city. It is up to you to find the perfect area with a good rate of tax. It is also normal for you to go for the areas which require lesser property taxes, although properties with a high rate of taxes are not always bad. Indeed, they can provide the extra services you might require during your stay at the rental property.

There will be a municipality’s assessment office in all the cities; you will find all the necessary information regarding taxes, or you can ask the homeowners from that area. Be sure you are updated about the tax increases, and you are aware of how much they may further increase in the future.

  1. 3.Available Schools

You have to make sure the available schools in the selected area are full of qualities. If you have children, you do not want to admit your child to a school that has a bad reputation. Also, you have to be concerned about the monthly costs of that particular school.

Your total value of the rental property will show the best output if there are good schools nearby. If not, then you should just sell the property at a good price. That will be the best possible option for you to get rid of that property.

  1. 4.Crime Rates

Nobody wants to go to an area where lots of criminal activities occur. The police, local library, or citizens should have accurate information related to that area’s criminals and crime rates. Check out the lists of serious crimes or even petty crimes, and do not forget to notice if the crime rates are increasing or not.

Also, ask the police about the frequency of police presence in the area to be sure of the guaranteed safety. But it is best to avoid areas with criminal histories unless you want to live there with risks.

  1. 5.Available Job Market

An area with increasing employment is most likely to be targeted by many people. You can find a specific area’s rates for available jobs. You can visit that area’s local library to gain statistics of available jobs in the market. If you happen to know that there will be a huge company moving into that area, you can be sure that many people will rush to that area for that job.

Many people looking for employment in an area will cause housing prices to rise or fall, which heavily depends on that business involvement. It is also up to you if you are okay with having a company in your backyard; some owners might love this opportunity to increase their rental costs.

  1. 6.Available Services

Take a trip around the selected area to check out the available hospitals, restaurants, parks, gyms, public transportation links, movie theaters, and other perks that might attract the renters. You have to justify all of those perks with the cost of the rental property.

Many rental property sellers intend to increase their property’s price just because of the area’s amenities and services. Just be aware of those sellers from grabbing unnecessary cash from you because of the available services and amenities.

  1. 7.Future Development Possibilities

Your selected area’s municipal planning department should have the information of its plans for future development. All of their plans for future executions for development should be explicitly zoned. If the area has a lot of construction happening, then it will indicate a good growing area.

Look out for any new developments which can have an impact on the prices of surrounding properties. New housing can be a possible competitor in the future of your stay in that area.

  1. 8.Number Of Listings And Vacancies

If the selected area has many listings, it will indicate a seasonal cycle. The listings will show the landlords that there will be people looking for places to stay during a specific time of the year. They will see this as a golden opportunity to earn more money from those seasonal renters.

On the other hand, high rates of vacancies can make the landlords lower their prices to get more tenants. But if the vacancy rates are low, the owners will increase their renting prices.

  1. 9.Natural Disasters

We never know when we will get struck by a deadly natural disaster, so it is best to do insurance expenses. You have to know the insurers’ requirements for a safe stay in that area. Know all the insurance costs and sign up with that insurance as fast as you can if you have already chosen to stay in that area. The insurance should cover your costs for any possible future flooding or earthquakes.

  1. 10. Average Rents

After you have bought the property, the rental income will be the center of your income. You have to make sure your property’s income can cover your taxes, mortgage payment, and any other expenses. Search in detail to be sure that you can earn well with your selected property. Research for the future five years minimum and predict how well your property will do in seasonal or off-seasonal business times.

You have to be cautious when you are selecting a property because if you are willing to buy an affordable one. Later, it could cause bankruptcy in the future, so choose wisely.

Making The Purchase In Your Selected Area

Banks are known to have complicated lending requirements for funding of properties than primary residences. They think that if the times get hard, people do not have the tendency to threaten their homes more than business goods. Make sure you are ready to pay at least 20 percent to 30 percent as a down payment and also for closing costs. Have a professional inspect the whole property for any issues and then have a real estate lawyer review all of the things before signing the contract.

And of course, do not ever forget to pay for the insurance. You always have to pay enough for it for your future’s safety. The renter’s insurance will cover all of the tenant’s belongings, but the building will be the landlord’s responsibility. The insurance might be more expensive than an owner-occupied home because of its size. The property’s insurance, depreciation, and mortgage interest are all entailment to a specific amount of money.

Make Sure It Is Safe

Safety is the number one priority when you are buying a rental property. Invest in real estate in a family-friendly area to feel more secure in your home and family. The selected area should have low crime rates and very few criminal cases in its records. You can just look online to find out the crime rates of that area and then determine if you are going to stay or not.


All of the states have good cities, and each city has very wonderful neighborhoods, and those wonderful areas are filled with good properties. It requires a lot of research and passion for finding a good property that has all the necessary services. Just keep your expectations real for the area and make sure your financial side is clear to complete the purchase of your rental property.