10 Styles to Steal from Your Trendy Daughter


By Jessica Eve Shetler

There are certain things to adopt from the young adults who are your children you claim to love, no matter how messy their rooms get; and then there are other aspects to leave them to do. Such as over-sharing on social media platforms, or their slang that seems to evolve daily.

Living in a society that seems to be directly marketed towards young adults, it may be difficult to know which trends to incorporate into your business woman`s closet. What may make it even more difficult, is if you have a *mini-you* prancing around the house rocking the latest trends. I am a strong believer in dressing in a way that illustrates you to the rest of the world as your most confident and proud self (whether it is a full Lululemon workout outfit, or a gorgeous dress and heels). That being said, if you have a stylish daughter these are the 10 styles you should definitely *steal* from her:

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  1. Oversized dress shirt that reaches your high thigh. Whenever shopping for an oversized shirt, never pay attention to the size, focus on the fit, even if that means taking an XL. Easily versatile with a statement necklace, and can be dressed up or down.
  2. Cuffed jeans with heels or flats. The cuff creates a different texture to the pant and creates a focus on a statement shoe – such as a flashy flat or sexy heel.
  3. Clean white sneakers for a casual weekend look or ‘fashion forward’ office look. The best part of the sneaker being incorporated with a more polish outfit means you will be comfy all day,Jessica Shetler, Style, Fashion while looking like a fashion forward mama.
  4.  Structured trouser pants. Do not be scared of a print or some color. Find a good quality that has a seam going down the front center of the leg to create an illusion of length.
  5. Wide legged silk pant. Now, do not be self-conscious about your legs appearing ‘large’, the light material is perfect for the spring, comfort and can be both dressed up with a shirt and blazer or down with a tee and a statement handbag.
  6. Crisp white tee. ‘Invest’ (they are not too pricey) in a good quality cotton. It will last longer and makes for a timeless piece that can be worn with simple trousers at the office topped with a blazer or jeans on the weekend.
  7. Heeled bootie with a tailored jean. Take advantage of their mass production in every price range and find yourself a heeled black boot that goes a little higher that the ankle. Paired with a cuffed pant (either jean or trouser) you will have ‘legs for days’ and the comfort of a lower heel for everyday use.
  8. THE All-Black Go-To Outfit. Black will forever be a timeless colour when it comes to clothing, can be worn on the streets or at an after work charity event, and is endlessly versatile with accessories. Find yourself pieces that you are comfortable and confident in.
  9. Oversized sweater. Paired with a dress shirt and trousers or jeans for a weekend brunch, you cannot do wrong with an oversized sweater. A personal trick is invest in a good quality that will last more than one season so when next winter comes around the piece still looks fresh off the racks.
  10. Most importantly, adopt her fearlessness when trying on clothes, and her personal identity she has created with her style. When you are roaming the racks of the mall, do not pay attention to size, pay attention to the fit, and the possibility of multiple outfits. Know that trying something on in a changing room does not mean you have to buy it or someone will see you; take a risk next time you are shopping, you may be pleasantly surprised by the woman looking back at you in the mirror!


Thank you for reading, Jessica Eve

Jessica Eve is a fashion guru who is passionate about living a balanced lifestyle and loves the first sip of coffee in the morning. After helping her family cope with her father`s traumatic brain injury, Jessica is exploring and developing her passion for writing and fashion. Follow her on Instragram @_jessicaeves to see a glimpse of her closet along with upcoming projects.