10 Choices To Tap Into Your Personal Power & Live With Purpose


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by Shannon Kaiser September 10, 2015

My doctor diagnosed me with clinical depression in 2009. The depression and addictions sparked a deep desire in me to stop holding back and to start living a life that had real meaning. Luckily for me, I discovered that the source of my unhappiness was the fact that I was ignoring my inner voice and refusing to ask myself, “What do I really want? What will make me happy?”

I spent so many years trying to discover my life purpose, and one day it hit me: what if my life purpose is to actually live with purpose? I set out to live a life I was proud of, one that was fulfilling and joyful. My addictions dropped away, and I turned my depression into understanding that transformed into vitality and fulfillment.

What if my life purpose is to actually live with purpose?


It wasn’t an overnight transformation. It was one small step at a time. And eventually, I became the woman I longed to be. Fast-forward to today, almost six years later: I am living my dream job as a writer, life coach, teacher, and inspirational speaker.

My journey to health and happiness was a daily practice. I learned that through the process of removing what no longer serves us — toxic energy, relationships, habits, and situations — we can open ourselves to life experiences truly worth living.

We spend so much time focusing on how we aren’t where we think we should be that we don’t celebrate how far we’ve actually come. In my own journey I learned the power of celebrating life milestones and appreciating the journey — because everything we experience is part of a bigger life plan.

Be OK with where you are today, and prioritize these life choices. Then celebrate them.

1. Make peace with where you are, instead of focusing on where you think you should be.

2. Surprise yourself by your own determination and will. If it’s in your heart, keep going after it.

3. Forgive freely. Realize anyone who hurt you is most likely just trying to make sense of a world or situation that hurt them.

4. Realize your worth is not defined by what others say about you or even what you say about yourself.

5. Become your own best friend and learn that you, alone, are enough as you are.

6. Love and accept others for who they are, instead of who you think they could or should be.

7. Create something you’re incredibly proud of.

8. Realize you already have everything you need.

9. Know that everything you’ve experienced is for your highest good.

10. Give yourself more consistent credit — you are doing a fantastic job.


  1. I used to be competitive and live my life by doing things that please others. But when I reached the top of my career, I started to think of what really makes me happy. Am I really happy doing these things and having entitlements? You know what? I chose to live a simple life and enjoy simple things while doing my purpose in life. And it made me more complete.


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