10 Celebrities Who Say Drinking Is Not Cool Anymore


It’s hard for most people to imagine the life of a celebrity without alcohol. When thinking about celebrity life, images of champagne-soaked parties conjure up in the minds of most people. People know celebrities for attending parties after parties. It’s therefore not crazy to assume that these personalities drink almost every day.

But, there are famous personalities that say drinking is not cool anymore. Sober life becomes trendy and stars promote a healthy lifestyle on social media. If one considers quitting alcohol, AddictionResource.com provides professional advice and there are plenty of success stories about quitting drinking. Film stars and musicians who used to drink inspire with their sobriety.

Here are some of the famous personalities you won’t see drink even in champagne-soaked parties.

1. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Charles Cooper is an award-winning filmmaker and actor. Cooper was drinking alcohol until he turned 29. He has openly confessed that he would have sabotaged his entire life if he continued drinking. Cooper does not drink alcohol or use drugs. He says that quitting alcohol helped him a great deal. He admits that he can’t compare his life when he was drinking and after quitting.

2. Natalie Portman

Natalia Portman is a filmmaker and actress with American and Israeli citizenship. You’ve probably noticed that this celebrity is always glowing. The lady used to drink back in college though she didn’t touch alcohol in high school. She also didn’t touch marijuana until she was in her 20s. Natalie did not attend high school parties too. Her drinking started back in college. This is where she got flat-out drunk. The celeb says that drinking in high school was good in some ways. However, she no longer sees it as a cool thing to do.

3. Elton John

Many people have heard the story of Elton John’s battle with alcoholism, excess drugs, and eating disorders. Most celebrities have a dark side of their fame and Elton John is not different. This music legend was abusing drugs and alcohol for a long time. In 1990, he decided to quit on seeing how the AIDS epidemic was taking a toll on society. He became clean and sober within 6 months. Since then, Elton John has stayed sober and not interested in alcohol.

4. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an American actress and singer. She became famous in 2004 after reaching the finals of the 3rd season of the American Idol. Many people associate Jennifer Hudson with the character she played in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. In this movie, Jennifer plays the role of a heroin addict. However, she has openly said that she has never tasted  alcohol in her entire life. She says that the fact that she doesn’t drink was one of the things that made playing the role of a heroin addict difficult for her.

5. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a bold American singer, actress, and songwriter. She is known for being transparent about her struggles with substance abuse, self-harm, bulimia, and bipolar disorder. However, she marked seven years since quitting drinking in March 2019. She has openly said that she never regrets her decision to quit. She appreciates the health, joy, and happiness that came with quitting. Demi encourages people that are still struggling with alcoholism to do their best to quit.

6. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a model, an American TV personality, an actress, a producer, an author, and an occasional singer. The model has admitted on her website that she has never done drugs. However, she tasted  alcohol at the age of 12 years. To her, drinking is not something cool. She has come out openly and talked about sobriety. Tyra feels lucky that she has not had an addictive personality.

7. Eminem

Many people know the story of Eminem and addiction. This American rapper, record producer, and songwriter battled alcohol and drugs addiction for seven years. Eminem had not recorded a song while sober for the seven years he was battling addiction. He even could not recall the last time he shot a video without taking drugs or drinking. However, it’s now more than ten years since he became sober.

8. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is a popular actor that struggled with a drinking problem for quite some time. He has openly admitted that drinking was a problem for him in his 20s. For about four years, Joe was trying to stop drinking. Alcohol consumption got on the way of his career. He says that drinking was one of the obstacles he had to overcome to accomplish his life goals. To him, this was an inside job so he decided to clean up his act. Luckily, Joe succeeded in his effort and he now says drinking is no longer something cool.

9. Brad Pitt

This multiple award-winning American actors and a film producer have a history of battling addiction too. The actor opened up recently about his story with alcohol addiction. He decided to go cold turkey to overcome his alcohol addiction. Brad has said that he just didn’t want to continue his life with alcohol dependence. As such, he had to do anything to end his dependence on alcohol. Today, drinking is not something that Brad considers cool. 

10. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is an American singer, actress, dancer, producer, fashion designer, and a businesswoman. Many people know what Jennifer said about alcohol and drugs in the early 2000s. She said that alcohol and drugs ruin the skin of the user. She admitted that it’s hard to stop drinking alcohol as a celebrity. That’s because you can’t use water for a toast when having a celebratory toast. As such, you have to toast with an alcoholic drink and take a sip. According to Jennifer, drinking is not something cool and she tries to avoid it as much as she can.

The Bottom Line

Celebrities and substance abuse is not something new. Some celebrities have even died from addiction-related problems. However, there are famous personalities that have shown that it’s possible to be famous without drinking. Some celebrities want to quit but they don’t know how to stop drinking alcohol since they have to make celebratory toasts now and then. Nevertheless, many celebrities have managed to quit and come out openly saying that drinking is not cool anymore.


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