$1.3 Billion Powerball Streak Ends with Historic Win in Oregon


The winning streak that has gripped the nation for 40 whole drawings has finally broken with the release of the latest Powerball numbers. A fortunate $2 play that was sold in Oregon in the early hours of the morning has revealed the recipient of the life-changing sum.

The draw, initially scheduled for 10:59 pm EST, was held up for several hours due to the need for a participant lottery to finalize its pre-draw procedures. These measures are put in place to ensure the security and integrity of the Powerball game. Eventually, the long-awaited lottery draw took place at 2:29 am EST on April 7.

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However, regardless of the delay, the wait proved worthwhile for the fortunate ticket-holder. Their chosen digits – 22, 27, 44, 52, 69 – coupled with the red Powerball number of 9 – resulted in their historic lottery victory.

Analysts and officials within Powerball had estimated that the weekend’s jackpot would ring in at around $1.3 billion. The final figure exceeded this prediction, landing at $1.326 billion, with a one-time cash option of an incomprehensible $621 million.

Drew Svitko, Powerball Product Group chair and the executive director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, extended his congratulations on behalf of Powerball to the fortunate player who won the momentous sum of $1.326 billion. He went on to underline that the thrill of the Powerball game extends far beyond the massive jackpot. As he explained, it is also about the power to make dreams come true and to produce significant change in the world. This past pot’s run is no exception.

Last night’s historic Powerball draw put the massive $1.326 billion prize at number four in the record books of Powerball history. Furthermore, it carved out a spot as the eighth-largest prize in U.S lottery history. This remarkable record-breaking prize also marks the first time that a lottery participant from the state of Oregon has managed to land a prize exceeding half a billion dollars.

However, it’s important to understand that the winner won’t be afforded the full lump sum of $1.326 billion – this amount represents the total they’d receive over the course of 29 years, should they opt for the annuity. While most winners lean toward the lump sum, current interest rates make the annuity more tempting.

The feds’ 37% tax will greatly diminish the actual take-home amounts with taxes taking the cash option to roughly $392.8 million. Oregon will also stake a claim with an effective tax rate of 9.9% on lottery wins, which brings the annual annuity to $23.5 million. The overall net amount from the annuity will approximately be about $705.3 million.

What remains unknown is precisely where the winning Powerball ticket was purchased. This is because, incredibly, the Oregon Lottery does not support online game play or ticket sales. In terms of the lucky winner, their identity will soon join public record, as Oregon Lottery rules do not allow winners to retain their anonymity. Precise details of the sale and the winner will be introduced in the near future.